Sometimes you gotta quit thinking so much and just go for it…(concluding part)

Continued from here

170414275“I dont mean to intrude but only if you dont mind sharing your story with me” she said

“It’s fine. I’ll tell you. I was in the army a few years ago and during a small battle i lost my leg, they gave a new one but i was discharged from active duty and kept in the reserves. My parents died in an accident right after i came back. So since then i have been fending for myself alone. They didnt have much money and what ever they had i finished it in a few months. I had no money and no place to go to. Thats why when i saw your husband’swallet i took it. I’m not a thief, i promise” explained Elena

“I’m sure you’re not. It’s sad that people like you have to suffer so much and cruel people get to live a wealthy life” said Sara

Both of them left that day in a happy mood in a long long time and promised each other to meet again tomorrow, same place same time.

The enxt day when they met, Sara bought her daughter along to meet her. She turned out to be a very cheerful kid.

“She’s always happy when i’m around. But she requires constant attention” said Sara

“She’s gorgeous” said Elena

“yeah, i love her so much”

“Can i ask you something?” asked Elena

“Yeah sure”

“Why are you living in a seclued area, i mean you can easily afford a nice appartment in the city?” she asked

“Well, i did live in the city a few years ago when my husband was alive. After that i didnt want to meet anybody and just wanted to be alone so i moved to the outskirts of the city where nobody knew me and i didnt know anybody” she explained

“Oh, i can imagine” said elena and patted on her back

Thier friendship grew over a period of time and they became best of friends. Both of them were in need of someone’s company and they found that in each other. They loved doing things together like their daily chores, going for a yoga class or going just for a walk together. Elena became a regular guest at Sara’s house and her daughter also became very fond of her.

“Hey, i know you think you know everything about me but there is something you don’t know. I have a small secret and it might make you hate me but i have to tell you this. I think it’s important that you know now” Sara said to Elena

“What is it, you know you can tell me anything. I will not judge you i promise?” said Elena

“I have a condition or a fetish to kill people”

“Uh huh…”

“Dont get me wrong, i dont kill just anybody. I kill the ones who are greedy and heartless and brutal, basically who have cheated other people to get money and get ahead in life”



‘How many have you killed till now?” asked Elena

“About 7 people”

“Please say something, i’m freaking out”

“You’re freaking out, what about me? Let me take it all in and then get back to you” said Elena

“Ok take your time” said Sara scared that she might lose her only friend

“Why do you do it?” asked Elena suddenly

“I have seen so many people get betrayed by these wealthy sick bastards that i couldnt control myself and took the matter in my own hands. Even the police couldnt do anything so i thought i might as well do it on my own. My husband didnt know anything about this. He had a good image of me and i prefered to keep it that way” she explained

“I’m not the bad person here, if you may ask. It’s just that when it happened to one of my family memebers i kind of lost it” she continued

“Your family memeber?”

“My parents were cheated by somebody. They had taken a loan from this man my father knew, he was a colleague of his, he promised that he would not ask for his money back and my parents would pay him as soon as they could. It was only a verbal contract nothing in writing but he betrayed them. He asked for his money a month later and obviously my parents didnt have anything to give him at that point of time. He kept harassing them for the money” she elucidated

“When was this?” asked Elena

“About 10 or 12 years back”

“What did you do after that?”

“I begged him not to press charges and wait for sometime. I told him that he knew my father for a long time and he would keep his word and return the money as soon as he could but he didn’t want to listen to anything. The greed of money had overtaken him and he couldn’t see past that”

“Then what happened?” she asked scared

“I kept begging him still but he didn’t budge. I left after that. That night i couldn’t sleep, his face was in my head the whole time. Suddenly i got the urge to go up to him and tell him to lay off other wise i would do something irrational but that wouldn’t do any good. I went to his house anyways and choked him to death in his sleep. It was all of a sudden that i wanted to do it and i did. It felt so good, i felt relieved and i never told anybody about it” she said with tears in her eyes

“I can understand the feeling Sara, you were not wrong. I have felt like doing that so many times but didn’t have the courage to do it, ever since my parents died in that accident, i wanted to kill the person who took them away from me” said Elena and Sara looked at her in amazement

“You mean you are not scared or don’t want to run away from here?” she asked

“Umm no. Why would i do that?”

“I thought…”

“You are incredible, i could kiss you right now” she said smiling

“Wow, i never expected that from you. Thank you” said Sara hugging her best friend feeling loved and secure.

“Hey, i have an idea…” said Elena


“…If you ever need to do that again, we can do it together. Two’s better than one. You know we will not kill innocent people, just the ones who are ruthless and inhumane” said Elena

“Yes sure, two psychopaths in one town, sounds good to me” said Sara and they both laughed out loud.

The End


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