Love is the force that ignites the spirit and binds two souls together (part 2)

…continued from here

220px-Nell_Gwyn_by_Simon_Verelst_(2)The mistress, Shashi, wasn’t pleased at all. She wanted to be near her King at all times, she became very troublesome and threatened to tell the Queen about them. King could not bear the thought of this and told his men to take care of her, telling them specifically not to harm her.

How she died is still a mystery, one that is bound to be solved in the next few days.

“It is apparent that the mistress is haunting this house” said Malini

“Yes but why now, there have been previous owners to this house, why not them?” he asked

“Because honey we opened the chest, maybe she was bound to that wooden box and when we opened it, it freed her spirit to our world again” she explained

“Maybe you are right, so now we have to find out how she died” he said

After three hours of extensive research on the internet, they were back to square one. Nowhere it was mentioned how she died and what happened to her after she came here.

“We have to do our research somewhere else” said Malini

“But where can we do that?”

“The library, the public library is a very good option” she said

“Yes, let’s go there tomorrow morning” he said

The next morning both of them got ready to go to the library to find out answers to the mystery surrounding them but before they could step outside the main door was jammed. The mistress’s spirit wouldn’t let them go out, she wanted to trap them inside and hurt them, this time she was angrier than before. With all her force she started shifting furniture towards them to hit them.

“Rohit, help me I’m stuck” cried out Malini

“I’m coming honey” he said

Malini was stuck in a corner with the dining table blocking her. Rohit came running towards her to help her out but the mistress would put more things in his way to distract him and not let him make his way towards Malini.

“She’s gone crazy, Rohit” cried Malini again

“I’m here don’t you worry” said Rohit and pulled her out

After a few minutes everything was normal again and the door opened on its own.

“What just happened?” questioned Malini

“I don’t know honey but we better get out before anything happens again” said Rohit

They quickly got up and rushed outside to make it to the library. The quicker they knew the quicker they would be able to end all of this.

They found out that one of the King’s men ordered her kill. He thought the King would be better off without her and that point of time the King’s concentration was needed elsewhere. This man happened to be the King’s right hand, his go to guy for every little thing to the biggest. He got her killed and it was not known where he buried the body but it was rumoured to be under the house itself. The King never knew of this he was told that she took some money and went back to the world she came from.

“Oh wow! What a conspiracy!” said an excited Malini

“Yeah and it happened such a long time ago” said Rohit

Now the most important thing was to send the mistress’s spirit to be at peace and say her final goodbyes to this world. But how, that was the question? The King was dead long ago, so getting them to meet was out of the question.

“Why not find out someone from his lineage?” asked Malini

“From the king’s lineage?” asked Rohit


“Do you think that will work?” he asked

“Maybe, what’s the harm in trying; we are anyways stuck here” she said

“You’re right but we don’t know where his family is now or what happened to them” he said

“That’s okay, we can find out about them. We can try at least” she said

“You love every minute of this aren’t you?” he asked

“Yes very much” she said smiling

“Calm down you, we have work to do” he said

They searched and searched but they couldn’t track down the Kings’ lineage, even if there were somewhere Rohit and Malini couldn’t find them. So this plan was out, what was needed was plan B and rapidly.

“There was a picture of the King inside the chest right?” asked Malini

“Yes why?”

“I have a crazy idea, what if we use his picture instead, it might work” she explained

“We have to try”

The next day they called a pandit ji and explained him everything that was going on. He also said that they would have to try their luck with the King’s picture, if it works it works. He gave them a list of things to be arranged for the ceremony to be performed at the house and decided to come the next day when everything would be ready.

When pandit ji came home the next day he was met with a fuming mistress throwing things at him and signalling him to go away. Pandit ji was prepared for this kind of an environment and started arranging his things for the ceremony (pooja). The mistress tried to hurt them all but they started with the pooja and the she got angrier. Her rage was apparent in the way things were breaking and flickering inside the house.

Pandit ji hurriedly read the incantations and got to the part where he called the mistress to calm down a bit and ask her a few things.

“Why are you doing this?” asked pandit ji

“I want revenge, I will not be at peace till I have my revenge” said the mistress

“Leave this house and go away, you will have what you want” said pandit ji

“I will not go till I get what I want”

“Here” said pandit ji and threw the king’s photo in the fire

“No, what are you doing?” she screamed

“Giving you what you deserve” he said and everything that was there inside the wooden chest including the letters and old photos and the jewellery.

The mistress was yelling at the top of her voice and dived inside the fire along with her things.

“What just happened, why did she do that?” asked Malini

“Well, she was attached to those things and when they were destroyed she also went away” explained pandit ji

“This house feels so different without her” said Rohit

“Yes it does” said Malini looking at Rohit

After that both of them decided to move out of the house to look for another one. This was an adventure they would never forget and would tell their generations to come.

The End


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