Love is the force that ignites the spirit and binds two souls together (part 1)

6Tpo8aq7c“Hey honey” said Rohit

“Hi handsome” replied Malini

“I have some good news” he said as he came back from office

“Tell me”

“Our loan is approved for the new house, we can move in within a month” he exclaimed with excitement

“Oh wow! Our dream is coming true honey. We have been waiting for this for a long time” she said

“Yes, we are going to be so happy there. Start preparing to move honey” said Rohit. A few weeks later they were all packed and ready to move into the new house.

Rohit and Malini had been married for almost 6 years now, Rohit had a small business of mobile rentals and Malini worked as a research analyst in a big firm.

They had been planning to move for such a long time, something or the other kept coming up and they couldn’t apply for a loan for the house, now it was happening finally and they were thrilled. It would be their own little world where they would have a family and grow old together.

Rohit and Malini met at a book store, both of them picked up the same book at the same time and while looking into each other’s eyes fell in love. A year later, with the blessings from their families, they got married.

“Honey, can you give me a hand here?” asked Malini

“Yes sure” he said and took the nail and hammer from her hand

“Where do you want it?” he asked

“Right here up on this wall” she said

When Rohit put a nail on the wall it came off a bit. He tried another spot and it happened again. Slowly a large chunk of the wall came out and behind the hole was a big compartment.

“What is this?” asked a shocked Malini

“I don’t know, let’s find out” he said and took out a huge wooden chest that was inside the compartment.

“Do you think we should open it?” asked Malini


“Do you know how to open this lock?” asked Malini

“No, but I know how to break it” he said

“We shouldn’t, we don’t know what’s in it” she said

“Oh look, what I did” he said and broke open the lock

“Rohit” she said and exhaled. As soon as they opened the chest the lights started flickering.

Her phone rang at the same time and when she answered it was static, she put it down immediately.

“What have we done honey?” she asked

“We will just have to wait and watch”

In the following days, weird things were happening to them. Sometimes the doorbell would ring and nobody would be there, then sometimes it would just keep ringing for hours. Their lights would flicker, the TV would go blank. Both of them got so scared that they would stay in the dark.

“Honey we have to do something about this situation, we can’t stay in the dark forever” said Rohit

“What can we do?” asked Malini

“Come with me, where is that wooden chest?”

“It’s right here where we found it” she said

“Let’s open it and see what’s inside” he said

“But, it might be something bad?”

“Can’t be worse from what’s been going on”

“Ok, let’s open it” she said and they opened it finally. It had a few old letters and some pictures

“Whose could these be?” she asked

“I don’t know honey, let read one and see”

The letter read –

Dearest Shashi,

I love you very much but the time has come for us to part ways, we cannot be together anymore. You will always be in my heart and I will forever treasure the time I spent with you.

Love always


“Oh my God, this is someone’s love letter” said Malini

“But it doesn’t say who it’s from?” asked Rohit

“Yeah, the paper is missing from where the name should have been” she said

“There are more letters here honey, do you want to read them?” she asked

“Yes, let’s find out who they are from” he said

Another letter read –

Dearest love,

Please don’t be angry with me, you know we can’t be together now. My wife suspects something but she doesn’t know anything yet. And she can’t know anything ever; she will get you killed and abandon me from her life. Please understand the situation and be safe where you are.

Love always


“This one also doesn’t have a name in the end” he said

“What is wrong with them, why can’t they just write their name?” she asked

“Maybe he didn’t want to, maybe he was afraid his identity would be revealed. That means he must have been someone important that’s why he feared being discovered” he said

“What else is there in the box?”

“Along with the bunch of letters there are a few pictures and some jewellery” she said

“Let’s have a look at the pictures”

“Have you seen these people, are they recognisable?” he asked

“No honey, but they must be someone prominent, look at the way they are dressed, some kind of king maybe” she said

“I have an idea, let’s scan these pictures and maybe we can find out who they are” he said

“But how?” she asked

“The search engine on the internet can scan the image and tell us who they are” he explained

“Really, we can do that?”

“We can certainly try” he said smiling

“I love that smile of yours” she said and kissed him gently

The lights started flickering again and this time the things from the house started flying in the air, like cutlery, table cloth, and small show pieces etc.

“Please make it stop, what do you want from us? Why are you doing this?” asked Malini screaming in the air

“It’s okay honey, we will sort it out, don’t worry” he said calming her down and hugging her

“Let’s wait till this stops then we will go out and scan the pictures” he said

“Okay baby” she said

About 15 minutes later things calmed down and they went to the market to get the scans done. When they came back and uploaded the pictures, they found out that the pictures were of a King and his mistress who used to live here in this house many years ago and who also died here.

From the letters it was clear that the King could not be with his mistress anymore so he sent her away from his kingdom and gave her a house here. The mistress was a singer and had come to the kingdom for a performance; the King had liked her performance so much that he kept her there to sing for his entertainment and within no time he fell in love with her. They used to meet without anyone knowing about it but now the Queen also suspected something plus the neighboring kingdom was about to launch a war on them so the King could not afford to be distracted, so he sent his mistress Shashi away from him to this house.

Read the next part here


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