Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him (part 3)

propose-a-girl…continued from here.

“Oh wow, I’m flattered! I don’t know what to say? We’ve only just met, how can I…” she said overwhelmed with the proposal

“I know but it’s like I’ve known you forever and it feels right to have you in my life” he said still waiting for her answer

“I do adore you and you do make me smile, yes!” she said smiling and Rajat picked her up in his arms and kissed her. Both of them had a little happy tear in their eyes, he put her down and made wear the ring and she kissed it gently.

On their way back, she took off the ring and read the inscription on it, it said, ‘love is the greatest treasure’

“Whose is this?” she asked

“My father gave me this ring to present it to the girl I wanted to marry, I’ve kept this ring for such a long time and now it feels so correct on your beautiful finger” he said

“I think we just made a breakthrough” she said happily

“What breakthrough?” he asked

“Let’s go home and I will tell you” she replied

Anita quickly took Rajat into her father’s study. The same inscription was there on his table with a hibiscus flower below. She’d seen it before but up till now she didn’t know what it means.

“What’s going on?” asked Rajat puzzled

“Get a shovel and I will tell you” she said and ran outside into the tiny garden

“Are you sure you want to do this? This is your father’s last memory, you planted these with him” he asked

“Yes I’m sure and I think that’s what he wanted too” she said and plunged the shovel in the ground, they dug through most of the garden and finally after two hours of hard work their reward seeped through.

“Oh my God, it’s really here darling, we did it!” said Rajat hugging Anita

Suddenly out of nowhere Rajat pulled a gun out and pointed it at Anita.

“Great going kid, I knew you could do it” he said

“What are you doing Rajat, I thought you loved me?” she asked disappointed tears in her eyes

“I’m taking what’s mine, my father found this treasure and your father stole it from him. So this treasure belongs to me. I knew your father would never tell anyone, then I heard he was sick and he was bound to tell you, so I kept an eye on you and your whereabouts and voila! I found the treasure with your help of course” he said feeling elated.

“I knew you were trouble, I saw it in your eyes the first day but my heart didn’t want to believe it” she said angry with herself

“Now I will live life king size just as I dreamed and you will vanish into thin air and nobody would know” he said ready to pull the trigger

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Radha standing behind him with a gun pointed at him. She signalled her not to make any sudden movement and she slowly crept up behind him and just at the right moment when he was ready to pull the trigger she hit him with the back of her gun and he dropped to the ground unconscious.

“How did you know we were here, and most importantly I was in trouble?” she asked with an astonished face

“Didn’t your father mention he had some loyal friends? And you would be happy to know your father didn’t steal the treasure, Rajat’s father was always the dormant one, he never did anything and on this dig your father worked alone and when he got to know of your father’s find he came to make his claim that they were partners and it should be split two ways” she said boasting a smile

“I’m so sorry; I never really liked you and thought you were just fooling around with my father. Didn’t know you loved him so much” said Anita crying

“It’s going to be okay honey. I knew you would come around someday” she said hugging her

“Yeah and now I know what my father really wanted for me” Anita said

“What is that?”

“He wanted a full life for me, a safe one full of happiness and prosperity and a mother to share it along with and I think this was his way of bringing us together. I’m proud to be his daughter and will always love him, he will be in my heart forever and ever, miss you daddy” she said with her eyes full of tears, looking up and kissing the sky.

“I’m grateful too and I will always love him” she said and took her in her arms again.

The End


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